The History of Street Fighter

Street fighter is sequences of a fighting game that are well known in Japan. The game is about a fighting competition between martial art masters from around the world with his or her fighting style against other people. In August 1987, Capcom released the first game of the sequences. There are seven series games from 1987 until 2010.

The history of the games are Street Fighter (1987), II Series (1991-1999), Alpha Series (1995-1998), EX Series (1996-2001), III Series (1997-1999), Versus Series (1996-2003, 2008-2011), IV Series (2008, 2010).

The animation movie of this game produced in Japan in 1994 by Group TAC. The home video was produced by Manga Entertainment in 1996 with English adaptation. In 1995, Group TAC produced an animation TV series that was aired in Fuji TV and a two-episode OVA series released in 1999. Manga Entertainment also produced both productions in English adaptation.

Later, a movie was produced by American production that released in 1994 with the actor Jean-Claude Van Damme as the main character, Guile. February 2009, the character of Chun-Li was filmed by Hyde Park Entertainment and Capcom. In 2009, The IV series: Arata naru Kizuna was released by Studio 4°C. it is an animation movie that included a bonus disc for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. And in 2010, a Live Action Short Film series called Legacy was produced.

Street Fighter also produced in comic books, manga, US comics, and Brazilian comics. A card games also produced in April 14, 2006. White Wolf released a role playing game based on the series in 1994. The system used many of the game mechanics of the World of Darkness games. Online slot game also released by CryptoLogic, an Irish software company.

The American band named Man Factory released a popular music titled Street Fighter which inspired by characters and events taken from the video games and the storyline of the movie. They also launched the second album in 2010.

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