Manga Games - Innovative Past Time For Kids

The Manga games have their origin in Japan. Manga is used for a Japanese comic or a graphical novel. Artists who design these games have their unique style and give a unique appearance to their character. The drawings of the characters are never over embellished. Artists generally use pen and ink to give a realistic appearance to their animated characters. These artists over emphasize the body of their characters.

Some popular games online

Some of the common Manga games include release the Pokémon, sailor Senshi maker, dragon ball Z tribute, Japanese street fashion, sailor Senshi maker, Naruto RPG 2, Neko girl dress up, sailor fuku fashion makeover, the robbed gallery, demon hunter, kumagoro fly fly and many others.

• Release the Pokémon: - In the game 'release the Pokémon', kids need to find and capture all the wild creatures available. This increases kids' concentration and memory power. Kids design their own sailor in the game sailor Senshi maker. One is asked to design everything about a sailor from his clothes to his foot wears.

• Japanese street fashion: - This is an innovative game, which tests the fashion knowledge of a child. This colorful game increases the style sense of kids. Naruto RPG 2 game is filled with suspense, thrill and action. Your kids would polish their skills by playing such a game.

• Kumagoro fly fly: - As the name suggests, Kumagoro fly fly is an innovative game in which kids need to help a rabbit in eating carrots. Such games increase the knowledge of small kids.

• The robbed gallery would surely keep your kids busy for quite a long time. This is a puzzle game full of adventures. Kids need to kill the evil powers prevailing around in the game named demon hunter. This game beautifully generates moral values among the children.

Manga Games designed for girls

Some of the popular games designed especially for girls include new year Chinese zodiac, magical girl bunny, geeky girl, mori girl dress up, Thursday dress up, Anime makeover, Xmas heart dress up, sailor fuku fashion makeover, vampire style makeover, sweet dreams pajamas makeover and many others.

• Sweet dreams pajamas makeover: - In this game 'sweet dreams pajamas makeover' kids have to design a girl with new pajamas in a complete manga style. One of the popular games named mori girl dress up would provide you ideas to doll up in a complete Japanese style.

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