Comic Writing Rudiments - Learn Them And Hit The Roof-Top

Lettering similar to other forms of artwork/writing, such as: writing prose, Drama, writing, writing Poems, the factors differentiating into media and ways of communication and dissemination of information. Write more humorous and funny Comic, where all other forms are a bit serious and sober.

In the writing of Comic, funny characters, objects, scenes with hilarious, background etc. used to effectively communicate with his readers and audience.

What Is Write Comics?

Lettering is a form of writing, which uses funny characters, objects and tools to illustrate the idea, but also a work of art in which the characters funny humor effectively used as previously stated.

Who Is The Author Of The Comic?

A writer of comics on the other hand is a talented writer of comics, with a good capability for funny character and object interactions to develop context and writing.

What is Write Comics need?

Requires a high level of writing comic focus, skill, talent, undivided attention, because it is very demanding, time-consuming and energy-draining as well.

Over the years, writing the comic has experienced an increase in terms of recognition, socializing with people, these days, people associate more with comics as compared to what was available a few years ago. Comic script now used to develop TV show, as well as in developing and creating TV (TV commercials), and even for full-length films, with the development of a complete and amusing background.

The author was given an honor befitting a respected, for their work, especially a very remarkable, gone are the days when comics writer is considered to be ' crazy ' and never-to-do-wells that cannot be mixed with them, not necessarily viewed as a model. The field of writing Comic is a viable and resilient aspects of entertainment, with a lot of money making opportunities.

Here are some of the basics of writing a comic that will allow you to hit the roof:

1. have a natural knack: natural talent is the ability to carry out an activity with relative ease and work less. It has a natural talent to write comics really helps in making You successful in writing comics, because you will easily churn out the tone of the write-ups from which you can choose the ones you like for publication and promotion. Deficiencies in the aspect of a writer would hamper the progress of the comic, as comics writer takes a lot of skill and technique.

2. a high level of Creativity: writing comics for the most part involves a lot of creativity. A writer of comics with a high level of creativity can transform ordinary passive story line and becomes a dynamic and interesting.

Take for example, a story about a young playful student cum hard workers, who do not all learn and learn at home before and after school activities and play rough in the school, with it he makes a good title. It is a good story line but always, but with a very creative writer compiling this story, he is going to add a bit to it, like the young student had a friend who mimicked him wrong, without the knowledge of which he learned at home, making the lowest class, so fail-out of school, it's a little more interesting, or what do you think?

3. Have a good United Kingdom language: having a good command of the language of the United Kingdom, with it being reflective in the writing, the author of the work and a lot of gain recognition and awards. Readers will be the spirit to see and read the work, while also reviewing the editorial team will find a fulfilling job, to edit.

4. Have passion for writing Comics: have a passion for writing comics would you to churn out massive write-up every now and then. The presence of love to write comics can keep going when you lose your inspiration and motivation.

5. does continuous practice: a Comic writer need to engage in the practice of a continuous and regular basis, to enhance the sharpens skills and better himself and showing himself a better writer and refined with modern skills for the modern day. With the continuous and regular basis, a fact that was unknown previously hidden will be revealed to the author.

6. do not also enhanced research: comic writing less in depth research and facts will lack recognition and this will ruin your chances of success.

A factual writings and research fields will gain recognition comic, because it does not reveal & educate readers & increase chances to be a big hit.

7. have knowledge of other comics writing: have a good knowledge of other writers and authors will increase output

Comic Book Collecting Through Time

Most comic book collectors have appreciation for the art form a unique antique books represent. There is a lot of information available on the net about comic books, comic book collecting, artists, writers and creators but, there is simply no substitute for hands-on comic book fully illustrated! Ask anyone who likes comics, you'll see that holds the real printed sources, is highly more fulfilling than equivalent online. The Comic Book in America: An Illustrated History, written by Mike Benton, did an excellent job reviewing key issues in detail and offers a comprehensive view of the evolution of comic books as an art form.

Starting in 1934, when it was first introduced in the United States comic until now Americans have had a fascination with not only comics but comics artwork, unique throughout the book and especially the cover art book! There are so many talented artists, each with their own personal style and achievements over the years. Some of the best have received "Eisner Award" for their creative achievement in American comic books.

As the story developed, a new character appears, and the genre of comic turns, be defined by the era in which they were published. The first Era is known as the Golden Age of comics, a comic book that defines out for 30s and 40s. next, begin 50s extending the possibility to the 70 's is Silver Age comic book that led to the bronze age between 70 and 80 and finally ended with the Modern Age comics from the mid 80s until today.

The Golden Age is perhaps most famous for a superhero like Superman, Batman, Captain America and Wonder Woman. Other famous comic that came out during the Golden Age is the introduction of Archie who first appeared in Pep Comics # 22 in December 1941.

During the Silver Age, The Mighty Crusaders, which Archie Comics superhero short introduction on their own, out between 1966 & 1967. This is short lived as the audience they probably prefer their famous characters such as Archie, teen Betty, Veronica, Jughead and Reggie.

Ghost Rider, Werewolf by Night, the Swamp Thing (and more) of the comic book-themed Monster explosion that appeared around the year 1972 during the bronze age.

Marvel Comic Group Peter Parker the spectacular Spider-Man, The New Teen Titans, Micronauts, The Spider-Woman and more that were introduced during the "DC explosion" happened in the 70 's-early 80 's. This is a time when counter culture, comic book mini-series of comics and toys as well as the teenage superhero. emerging Later in the 1980s one of the most popular comic book appeared: the X-Men Comics, which became one of the best-selling titles of the year!

Marvel Comics Group Dazzler and Captain Victory which was marketed exclusively in specialty stores in the market in the 1980s or the Modern era.

As a comic book store that actually begins to move away from bringing comics is best for collectors, they started selling their stock in lots of great vintage, antique collection of comics ... Therefore, when it comes to buying an old time favorite comic book for yourself or a friend or really become a collector, the internet offers a greater chance to find and buy the perfect comic book. Has been my observation that many of the local comic book store is getting away from bringing true vintage comic. I've noticed that local stores tend to carry a lot of other related merchandise and several comic books. From books they carry I've also noticed that most of them are current issues and not to be collected as an antique book.

Fortunately, there is an excellent source for evaluating quality and prices on comic books for those who are just starting their collection. During the last 35 years, Overstreet has been "a name you can trust for sources using" to industry standards to set prices and comic book grading them. Offers up to date price information, market trends and insider tips ', more than 2,000 blank and white cover photo and color comic depicting the gallery the best of America's favorite comic!

Finding Golden Age Comics

When people think about the term as it's old rare comics, comics or comic collection, valuable You generally think the Golden Age of Comics. Starting with Action Comics # 1 in 1938 and continued until the end of World War II, the Golden Age of Comics set standards for collecting comic books.

Being a collector of comic books for gold requires Age of patience, money and a willingness to compromise. Due to old age this comic, they are much harder to find than the comics in the last 50 years. Find a copy of this high class comics is near impossible, causing the value of comic books skyrocketed.


As mentioned, your strategy should be to find this comic: a willingness to compromise. 1. a compromise: If you can't find a specific problem, is the problem in the title is enough? 2. Compromise: willing to accept lower grades, high-grade is expected to find 3. Compromise: the price, the price of Golden Age comic is not cheap.

Title or Issue?

Looking for a Golden Age comics took a more disciplined approach to collect than new comics. This can take months or years to find the specific issue you're looking for at the price you are willing to pay. If you are willing to compromise, focus on a particular title, rather than specific titles and issues. For example, if you want the first appearance of Batman in Detective Comics # 27 because you are a Batman fan, you might want to focus on gathering degree where it appears. Detective Comics # 27 and sold not too often. Consider the titles of other books with the appearance of Batman: Detective Comics, Batman Comics and world's Finest.


The class should also be part of your search strategy. Looking for a Near Mint (NM, 9.2) comics of the golden age would be difficult and expensive. If you find a comic book you are looking for, but the conditions are very Good (VG), you might want to buy a copy of the comic since the higher class may not be available for a long time. A Smart collectors will take the problems they find when available. Later, when higher classes available that you're looking for (next month or next year), then you can exchange.
Suggested Search Titles

Here are a few titles suggested by DC's popular Golden Age, Marvel/timely and a few others:

o Action Comics
o Adventure Comics
o all-American Comics
o flash All
o All Star Comics
o All Winners Comics
o Amazing Man Comics
o Archie Comics
o Batman
o Blue Beetle
o Blue Bolt
o Captain America Comics
o Captain Marvel Adventures
o Classics Illustrated
o Online Mystery Comic
o Detective Comics
o Famous Funnies
o flash Comics
o four colors
o Green Lantern
o Human Torch
o-Marvel Comics
o Marvel Comics Mystery
o More Fun Comics
o New Fun Comics
o Pep Comics
o Sensation Comics
o Sub-Mariner Comics
o Superman
o Walt Disney's comics & Stories
o Whiz Comics
o Wonder Woman
o the World Finest Comics
o young Allies Comics

If you are a favorite comic book store gold is not part of our search, bookmark the site and come back regularly. We want to make sure your collection needs satisfied if you are looking for comic books for sale.

Japanese Anime Voice Actor - Norio Wakamoto

Ever wonder who the person behind the voice of anime characters that you have been watching? Most of them don't even sound like life at all. It's as if we are living in a fantasy word because in real life, none of us speak this way.

Voice acting is another form of art and is not as easy as it looks and voice actors deserve credibility that a lot more of Japan.

Have you ever watched the anime, and after hearing a particular character speaks, suddenly feel manlier 10,000 times after hearing him say only a few sentences? Chances are likely that you have been graced with the presence of the vowel is probably one (voice actor in Japan) is the most ' macho ' of seiyuu is currently in the industry – Norio Wakamoto!

Born in Yamaguchi and grew up in Osaka, Wakamoto initially began working as officers riot police for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department before becoming a seiyuu. Seen from a huge list of credits to his name, it sounds safe to bet that there was no way back for him for now!

Easily recognized for his voice is loud, brash and rude and yet, noble and delicate at the same time, it's no wonder that has opted for a wide variety of Wakamoto different roles to play video games and anime. Despite having a unique character such as voice of Ninnin Ga Shinobuden Onsokumaru and Chiyo-chichi from Azumanga Daioh, Wakamoto's main attraction is its huge portfolio of easy villains like your Dragonball series, Dracula from Castlevania series, and recently, Vega/m. Bison from Street Fighter 4!.

Despite numerous personality that she adopted, what is undeniable is very old-school, noble tone of voice has a performance every Wakamoto. Somehow managing to sound refined and precise, however enthusiastic and insanely gung-ho at the same character he did lend every samurai '-esque sense of certain ' to their personalities. Very suitable for a man who has actually voiced the samurai, Oda Nobunaga from Sengoku Basara, and has 3-and in Kendo!

Capable of being funny and unique, but the dramatic and impressive, all with the same recognizable sound, straight, it's no wonder that's become so popular with Wakamoto fandom anime! Where he will appear again? We can only guess, but one thing is for sure — maybe where we least expect it!

The Whole Marvelous Super Ultra Cosmic Magical Comic Book Universe

The forge of creativity & business that Marvel Comics is the chords sounded by synchronous Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko and all writers and artists and inkers and colorists who works there. It all started in the early 1960s when the Fantastic Four and Spider-man and X-men (The amazing X-Men) was formed from the imagination of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

X-men is a smash box office last summer. I'm sure you also remember the Hulk TV show is very successful.

The earliest X-men consisted of Jean Grey (Marvel Girl) (which later became very popular Phoenix), Professor X (Xavier), Cyclops (Scott Summers), intelligent Beast (Hank McCoy), and Iceman (Bobbie). A mutant, born with a special "super-mutant" ability.

Then came a new mutant with younger characters has the power mutants that sometimes seems to have them (the only kind of comic book stories I don't like).

Characters from X-men (Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Storm, Banshee, Kitty) evolved with the advent of creativity by John Byrne (starting in issue # 108 from X-men) and Chris Claremont (Giant Sized X-men # 1 and the amazing X-men # 94 is now worth $ 500 to the "mint" the most popular Character is the main star in the movie X-men-... There are bound to be a sequel to Wolverine to destroy the box office.

X-men comic book teaches children that prejudice is evil. People living in fear and thus try to destroy what greed that they don't understand.

Interesting that both of the latest Star Wars film and the X-men film that takes a hard look at politicians (Congress). If it is really destructive power is it possible our system truly corrupt? The senators in the movie X-men deterrent a little late.

Spider-man Marvel movies new in is about a child with regular teenage angst (bullies beat him, didn't get the babes, acne, and so is light compared to school experience today-as no one would be killed when pinned down & or attend school or deceived by the lethal drug by or infected by the killer disease) is bitten by a radioactive spider (radical things to early 1960s).

This gives Peter Parker Superhuman powers of insects – if reinforced a man could lift truck and take it 20 miles as ants do. (Don't get me started talking about Henry Pym's Giant Man who became Antman in Avengers an Marvel ((Captain America, Thor Thunder God etc))). Add to that Peter Parker was also a brilliant student who is able to create the web shooters and other great inventions. And Spider-man was born as a bi-product of bi-products known as radioactive material (the Science still doesn't know how to get rid of). (Try saying it in the Bush Administration). Everything is energy! Remember the Tesla coil.

But the Marvel was not the only place showcasing characters superpowered.

DC Comics (Time Warner), also utilized mythology and stories of biblical proportions to ride the train, energy and stimulate the generation of teenagers, children and adults from 1940 to present.

Some characters such as Superman, Atom, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, and other JLA & even Captain Marvel DC version might have been inspired by the spiritual literature which tells of Hindu gods and goddesses and even Biblical personage who could stand in the fire etc.

Scripts & Wit

Super Heroes: originated through the human imagination and of literature, religion, and mythology.

Although the creator of comics might just make their amazing stories.

Once when I was interviewing Gerry Conway for the Journal Comics he confessed to me that he has investigated some of the comics he wrote. Conway's partner friend Roy Thomas no doubt researched Conan and Thor and other materials, while the writer & editor at Marvel. They worked together on the film Fire and Ice of the animation. (Ralph Bakshi/Frank Frazetta).