Comics in the Classroom

When I think back on my days in school like my friends and I hid our comics at our table or locker so teachers would not confiscate them or we will get a lecture about how comics will rot our brains

"These books have zero value education!"

But I can tell you that the comic really enhanced my learning in subjects such as: United Kingdom and Grammar, teachers always think that they are many slang words and a lot of spelling errors, but it still is a comic book and proof read and checked for misspellings, grammar and punctuation. While there are a few words as slang, this can be a good topic to open because it can language reflects the time comic.

Comic book peek my interest in reading, and they also help me in the subject language, United Kingdom

It was through the comics I find words like "Adamantium", said I didn't just learn how to spell but also peeped my curiousity, so I did my research and it turns out that while the element Adamantiumwas ficticous, I learned that the root word "Adamant."

The definition is: Unbreakable, or adamantine combined with neo-Latin suffix "ium" resembles the form of naming chemical elements.

This is part of the fun of reading comics for me as a child, to find new words and then research it to see if there are actual meaning behind the word, by doing this process, it increased my vocabulary and also helped me in learning how to research information.

This is just one example of how comics are added to my education, and after all these years seem to be teachers, and schools, and even libraries are beginning to see the benefits of using comics and graphic novels as a teaching tool.

The majority of the value of using comics in the classroom is 5-12, this shows that the age range covers a wide area of interest.

And the value of the subject

Teachers of all grade levels and subjects using comics in the classroom, they range from elementary class is a 4-5th, and then through the MIDDLE SCHOOL to high school

Comics can be applied to subjects such as: United Kingdom Language, foreign language, science, and even in Spain language and ESL classes, and can be used to coincide with a learning plan can be created by the teacher or they can be given by the web site, or teachers can even get suggestions from comic book dealers or retailers.

Reach out to a lot of genres so comic makes it easy to find comic books or graphic novels, below there are some subjects that can match the comic:

5th-6th Grade Language And literature-United Kingdom Classic Illustrated (many publishers have printed titles 1.990 Series recommended) and a series of new called Marvel Illustrated is ideal for classes and age groups, the titles can be used to enhance a story or novel in which students read, the problem can also bring more material life, as well as problems can help students who may be struggling in reading or understanding with matching words with illustrations.
7-12th grade Language And literature-The United Kingdom Classic Illustrated titles are still good, but in many classes of group classes, many teachers who use a series of Marvel titles "Ultimate" line, these titles include: Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-Men and Ultimate Fantastic Four.

These issues have been well received in both the classroom and the library, with the most popular is the Ultimate Spider-Man, the title covers the early days of Peter Parker in the landscape that is more modern than the main books, the teacher sang the titles to discuss not only storyline but also has a discussion about the character and the choice made through the comic.

The Ultimate titles have been made into novels and they include a combination of issues into one book, students seem to like this format.

Junior level enjoy books also but some may be too strong for this class, it all depends on what the teachers are comfortable with.

Science – although there is no comics or graphic novels can be used in the same context as language and literature United Kingdom, several comic book titles can be but there are some titles that can be used in the discussion of science.

Comics which I feel could improve this, books centred around the Fantastic Four, the discussion can be brought regarding the powers of the Fantastic Four, such as Invisible Woman who uses this ability to deflect light to make himself invisible, or a discussion of the Human Torch, discusses the nature and the ability to fire and arson.

In addition to space exploration can be used through the journey of Fantastic Four, while some planets they do visit is a fictional environment of ta

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