Simply Love Naruto

Naruto is one hell of an anime! By anime I mean something like a cartoon, just that a Japanese animation is known as anime. Naruto is also the name of the lead character in the anime series. He is a young boy who is learning the ropes to be a successful ninja. He also wants to be the chief of his village one day. This Naruto anime teaches us many things. I guess it is a show about adventure, friendship and also perseverance. Trapped within Naruto is a powerful force in the form of a spirit and that what makes Naruto so powerful. But he tries hard not to allow that nine tailed fox spirit inside him from taking control and causing death and damage to others. Then there are also his ninja team mates sakura and sasuke. Sasuke has unfortunately fallen into the dark side but Naruto tries his best to rescue him back to the original path.

With so much plot twists and adventure, how can one forget that there are various Naruto toys available for Naruto fans? From plush toys to action figures, there are really plenty of these toys to go around. One can find the various characters of the Naruto drama series in cute little action figures. As the anime series first came about from a comic, fans who have only got to known Naruto through the anime might want to buy the comics series and have a look. In Japan, the comics are known as manga and Naruto manga is very popular too. If you do not want to buy the comics, you can just check out the online Naruto toys and I am sure you will find something that you like. Perhaps you can even buy some of them as gifts for xmas! I would greatly recommend the plush toys for the children and as for adults, some Naruto replica weapons such as the swords would be nice. Yes they sell such things online too you just have to check them out!

My favourite character in Naruto is none other than Gaara. He is somebody like Naruto because he has a strong being trapped inside him and many people refuse to be friends with him because he is immensely powerful. Gaara of the Sand uses sand attacks and the main reason I like him is because his attacks are very cool. For example he can put up a shield of sand to defend other attacks!

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