Comic Book Collecting Through Time

Most comic book collectors have appreciation for the art form a unique antique books represent. There is a lot of information available on the net about comic books, comic book collecting, artists, writers and creators but, there is simply no substitute for hands-on comic book fully illustrated! Ask anyone who likes comics, you'll see that holds the real printed sources, is highly more fulfilling than equivalent online. The Comic Book in America: An Illustrated History, written by Mike Benton, did an excellent job reviewing key issues in detail and offers a comprehensive view of the evolution of comic books as an art form.

Starting in 1934, when it was first introduced in the United States comic until now Americans have had a fascination with not only comics but comics artwork, unique throughout the book and especially the cover art book! There are so many talented artists, each with their own personal style and achievements over the years. Some of the best have received "Eisner Award" for their creative achievement in American comic books.

As the story developed, a new character appears, and the genre of comic turns, be defined by the era in which they were published. The first Era is known as the Golden Age of comics, a comic book that defines out for 30s and 40s. next, begin 50s extending the possibility to the 70 's is Silver Age comic book that led to the bronze age between 70 and 80 and finally ended with the Modern Age comics from the mid 80s until today.

The Golden Age is perhaps most famous for a superhero like Superman, Batman, Captain America and Wonder Woman. Other famous comic that came out during the Golden Age is the introduction of Archie who first appeared in Pep Comics # 22 in December 1941.

During the Silver Age, The Mighty Crusaders, which Archie Comics superhero short introduction on their own, out between 1966 & 1967. This is short lived as the audience they probably prefer their famous characters such as Archie, teen Betty, Veronica, Jughead and Reggie.

Ghost Rider, Werewolf by Night, the Swamp Thing (and more) of the comic book-themed Monster explosion that appeared around the year 1972 during the bronze age.

Marvel Comic Group Peter Parker the spectacular Spider-Man, The New Teen Titans, Micronauts, The Spider-Woman and more that were introduced during the "DC explosion" happened in the 70 's-early 80 's. This is a time when counter culture, comic book mini-series of comics and toys as well as the teenage superhero. emerging Later in the 1980s one of the most popular comic book appeared: the X-Men Comics, which became one of the best-selling titles of the year!

Marvel Comics Group Dazzler and Captain Victory which was marketed exclusively in specialty stores in the market in the 1980s or the Modern era.

As a comic book store that actually begins to move away from bringing comics is best for collectors, they started selling their stock in lots of great vintage, antique collection of comics ... Therefore, when it comes to buying an old time favorite comic book for yourself or a friend or really become a collector, the internet offers a greater chance to find and buy the perfect comic book. Has been my observation that many of the local comic book store is getting away from bringing true vintage comic. I've noticed that local stores tend to carry a lot of other related merchandise and several comic books. From books they carry I've also noticed that most of them are current issues and not to be collected as an antique book.

Fortunately, there is an excellent source for evaluating quality and prices on comic books for those who are just starting their collection. During the last 35 years, Overstreet has been "a name you can trust for sources using" to industry standards to set prices and comic book grading them. Offers up to date price information, market trends and insider tips ', more than 2,000 blank and white cover photo and color comic depicting the gallery the best of America's favorite comic!

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